Caltech college students receive Lemelson-MIT Prize for innovative disease diagnostic technology works California Institute of Technology graduate college student Guoan Zheng is the recipient of the 2011 $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Caltech Pupil Prize. Zheng was among the four $30,wednesday 000 Lemelson-MIT Collegiate Student Prize winners announced, March 9 Danmark apotek . He was known for his innovative advancement of an on-chip, inexpensive microscopy imaging technology with many potential applications, including improved diagnostics for malaria and various other blood-borne diseases in the developing world. Zheng, a graduate student in electrical engineering working in the laboratory of Changhuei Yang, professor of electric engineering and bioengineering, designed a simple, cost-effective, high-resolution on-chip microscope known as a sub-pixel resolving optofluidic microscope .


The group came to this conclusion after analyzing the actions of one type of DNMT-DNMT3A-at different levels of advancement in a chicken embryo. This is essential, says Bronner, because some scientists who study the function of DNMTs make use of embryonic stem cells which can be maintained in culture, her team is ‘studying events that happen in living embryos instead of cells grown under artificial conditions,’ she explains. ‘It is somewhat counterintuitive that kind of shutting off of genes is vital for advertising neural crest cell fate,’ she says.

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