The researchers suggest that other actions are not measured by the PMET studies have confounded the results of these studies, and that hospitals such as theirs may already have systems and procedures the role of a the role of a PMET. We contend that this finding the limit of the pre – and-after study designs demonstrated in determining the effect of PMET implementation, they conclude, adding that larger and better-designed studies, PMET are needed.

Researchers, Jeremy Sugarman, professor of bioethics and medicine at the Hopkins Berman Bioethics Institute examined data resulted from 63 academic medical centers in the United States for its costs for the operation IRBs judge who found that the annual operating costs of $ 171,014 to $ lay 4333, with a median cost of $ 741st.Such statements are only predictions and relate to the Company’s expectations and assumptions the time of this news release on currently available operating, financial and competitive information-based. The actual events or of those who from those who get the participants in such forward – looking statements due a number of factors, including risks associated with which CryoCor capability approval in the United States to your Cardiac Cryoablation System suitable for use in the treatment of AFL projection and AF within of his expected time frame, if ever, risks related to the Company’s ability to successfully commercialize of their Cardiac Cryoablation associated in the U.S.

Helen S. CryoCor Chief Medical Officer said: We are very pleased with decision of the FDA, a advisory panel called to check our PMA submission of delighted that we believe our clinical information demonstrating adequate safety and efficacy of. Insurance authorization, and we shall ask important clinical investigators and key opinion leaders, Cardiology, University during the presentation to our dates that the FDA panel. .

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