Boehner transferred for a residence vote as soon as Thursday on a scaled-down intend to limit tax raises to yearly incomes of $1 million or more, despite Senate Mr and opposition. Obama's veto risk . The Washington Post: 'Cliff' Standoff: Boehner Functions To Wrangle Votes For 'Plan B'; Obama Threatens Veto Home GOP leaders scrambled to rally their associates Wednesday behind an idea to extend taxes cuts on income up to $1 million, defying President Obama's veto threat and establishing a showdown that could send out Washington more than the year-end ‘fiscal cliff.’. If Boehner's limited proposal were to be enacted, the economy would still take a strike: Jobless benefits would start to expire for the long-term unemployed; doctors with elderly patients would see a sharpened drop in Medicare reimbursements; and $100 billion in across-the-board cuts to federal agencies would start .

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