As of October 3, WHO and NREVSS labs in the United States a total of 73,412 specimens for influenza viruses and 9,361 who were tested positive. Among the 9,361 influenza viruses, 7,953 influenza A viruses and 1,408 B viruses B viruses were. Two thousand have 530 of the 7,953 influenza A viruses subtyped, 2522 were influenza A and 8 were influenza A viruses ed medicine comparison . The %age of samples tested positive in the last 3 weeks has gone from 9.6 percent in the Pacific region ranged to 38.0 percent in the East North Central Region.** The %age of total isolates that are influenza type A virus is the highest in New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Influenza A viruses a lower proportion of positive results in the other seven regions? 87 percent in the East South Central and East North Central regions to 63 percent in the Pacific region continue?

About Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLCJohnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, is part of Johnson & Johnson, the world broadly based manufacturer of health care products. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, based in Raritan, New Jersey , has offices throughout Europe and the United States. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development uses, drug discovery, evaluation and drug development in a variety of therapeutic areas to address unmet medical needs worldwide. The company focuses on major therapeutic areas hematology, oncology, infectious disease, obesity and metabolic disorders, neurology and psychiatry, pain and women’s health. TB drugsTibotec Pharmaceuticals Limited – Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Limited is a pharmaceutical research and development company based in Belgium and operating subsidiaries in the United States and Ireland. The company like Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Tibotec ‘s lead development compounds are are for the treatment of HIV / AIDS and the pandemics of TB and HIV / AIDS are closely intertwined. Drug interactions between HIV / AIDS drugs and anti-TB drugs are particularly problematic.

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Parents and healthcare supporter express outrage over the recommendations of Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices that pregnant women, infants and children of mercury still to be contained in the influenza vaccine exposed to despite the recommendations in the the Institute of Medicine that mercury not be be injected in these sensitive populations since 2001. Jay Lieberman was instructed on to present thimerosal, review of the evidence. A plethora of peer-reviewed published data document the harmful effects of thimerosal the immune system, metabolism and nervous system human and animal is widely using a simple PubMed data searches. However any of this information of Dr. By Dr. Liberman. Instead, the discussion be centric via epidemiology studies have has been heavily due to their inability critical to identify such harmful associations. Indeed was presented a such a trial by Dr. Peer-reviewed by the National Institutes of Health October 2006 found that multiple important shortcomings that have been assessed to allow the benefit of an ecological trial design using the VSD to address the potential connection between thimerosal and which risk of autism spectrum disorders. .

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