The experts believe that the public underestimated the risk with some bacteriological hazards that are prevalent and overestimate the risks posed by hazards with low prevalence such as mad cow disease put together. They found that the level of education and age were important determinants of the level of understanding of risk issues and messages, but also felt that the media for information, to communicate misleading.

###This study is published in the Journal of Food Safety. A PDF file of this article would like to contact.Corresponding study author Mary McCarthy, PhD, of the Department of Food Business and Development at the University College Cork in Ireland for questions and interviews for questions and interviews or+ 353 21 4902 075th., order to professional and personal situations, perceptions and challenges of said male and female surgeons, Kathrin M. Troppmann as clinical out of UC Davis Medical Centre in Sacramento, California, and his colleagues sent a questionnaire to all Surgical Consultant in 1988, 2000 and 2004,507 Surgical react , 895 , of which 178 female and 698 were men.

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