Furthermore, they traced which lymph and organs nodes were first infected and uncovered likely routes of infection. The findings are published in the current issue of the journal Helps. This is actually the first research to assess which tissues experienced SIV nucleic acid at the initial times following an oral illness, said Dr. Donald Sodora, senior author of the paper. Oral transmitting of HIV is problematic, in developing countries where bottle-feeding infants is not practical especially. Up to one third of newborns could become infected with the virus that causes AIDS because of breastfeeding from an infected mother.The recent results of four large medical trials showed a significant reduction in breast malignancy recurrence for females with HER2 positive breasts malignancy, when given the medication post-surgery. Breast malignancy doctors claim that the results of the four trials are sufficiently compelling to recommend adjuvant trastuzumab as a standard option after surgery in appropriate individuals. The lagtime between the announcement of the outcomes of the clinical trials and the submission of the applications by the market, the lack of clear definition of ‘appropriate individuals’, the diversity of the national healthcare systems and their heterogeneous policies of reimbursement may prevent hundreds of patients enjoying the advantages of this drug when they require it.

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