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To of metabolic syndrome, the presence of the metabolic syndrome contribute to patients at highest risk for coronary blockage, the researchers 1,043 patients without known heart disease, the coronary calcium scan and stress imaging within a three-month period underwent evaluated. They found that metabolic abnormalities were present in a total amount of 313 or 30 % of patients. Similar results were observeds, 140 had diabetes, while 173 had metabolic syndrome without diabetes..

Calcium scores of zero are the best scores, scores of between one and 100 are considered mild and correlate with a low risk of cardiac events in the ensuing five years. Patients with moderate calcium scores from 100 to 400 are at increased or intermediate risk for cardiac events , and patients with extensive coronary calcium are at even higher risk.. Coronary calcium indicates the presence of atherosclerosis. Plaque buildup in the arteries around the heart, the amount of coronary calcium in the arteries, called a calcium score, the use of computed tomography , to cross-sectional images obtain images of the heart and surrounding arteries measured. Even when patients have no symptoms, their coronary calcium score correlates directly with their long-term risk of cardiac events, such as a heart attack or sudden death. Continue reading

The healing properties of turmeric have been well known in eastern cultures for some time. The herb has been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine to reduce scar formation. For example, if there is a cut or a bruise, the home remedy is to reach for turmeric because it can help because it can help without without a bad scar. Dr. Unlike most natural compounds whose effects are minimal, curcumin works directly in of the cell nucleus by preventing abnormal decoding of the chromosome under stress and excessive abnormal protein production.

In a study titled ‘Curcumin prevents versa murine cardiac hypertrophy,’published in the February issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers found when the herb is taken orally to a variety of mouse models with enlarged hearts optionally, it can prevent and reverse hypertrophy, restore heart function and reduce scarring. Continue reading

Factors such as whether they smoke or not, will consideration consideration. – I look forward to were this new research project for the Queen scientist a 500,000 grant Professor Evans added: ‘The aim of this project is to can one best set of markers to persons who are at increased risk of disease in be predicted? the future can be used in this way prevention strategies. ‘Protein markers, measured in healthy volunteers in relation to those that will to develop later cardiovascular diseases and analyzed in comparison..

‘. Number of Alabamians with access to affordable health care by targeted tax incentives for small businesses and their employees, ‘suggested in his Feb. 6 speech Governor Bob Riley increasing Said Riley small businesses ‘are sacrificing attitude due to the increasing ‘ ‘and the state’permit to continue ‘ to continue ‘Riley also said that he will be the fiscal year 2009 state budget ‘responsible for tax – but significant – increases for Medicaid and corrections ‘include (Riley speech text.. And their employees Health Policy Report Highlights Health Issues In State of the State addressesThe following highlights health issues in the last governors ‘ state addresses givenAlabama. Continue reading

Millions of people in the U.S. Have chronic pain This report underlines the need to further study correlations between these types of disorders to help understand common patterns and common features Chronic pain conditions such as these can seriously hamper the quality of life and it is vital. , that we understand the commonality between them results we see in all of the studies to the conditions, as above etiology, physiology or treatment may be relevant to another – Reed still say that other studies have shown that. Chronic pain than than previously estimated, and a growing interest in understanding the patterns of co-occurrence.

David Clarke, who on Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve in 2001, supports this call to action: . Before my transplant I was sick for 11 months, now I work full time as a teacher, my kidney was the best. Gift I have ever received and I’m always grateful for the donor and his family Please make 2009 the year you join the NHS organ donor Register. It could save someone’s life. . Continue reading

‘Remains true even more , both on the roads linking education to health and the overall effect sizes of education on health can be offering offering our study causal evidence for the hypothesis that early education can improve the income improve, the crime, and even improving the global competitiveness of the American workforce, ‘suggests Dr. Muennig. ‘These interventions may be more cost effective than many traditional medical and public health approaches to improving the health of the population.

The initial study was small, but it had a very strong effect on education. Until then it came, the benefits of education had never been proven with the gold standard in research methods-the randomized controlled trial. What we have found that this educational intervention also health risks like smoking and improved health outcomes decreased as early as age 21, ‘said Dr. Muennig, assistant professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia, the Mailman School and principal investigator of the new study. ‘the health benefits were quite dramatic. ‘. Continue reading

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helps explain is a compound central to the process of making energy within mitochondria and quenching free radicals. However, statins lower Q10 levels because they work by blocking cholesterol production in the the path in the same way generates involved in the Q10. Statins also reduce the blood cholesterol that transports Q10 and other fat-soluble antioxidants.. The paper also summarizes powerful evidence that statin – induced injury to the function of the body’s energy – producing cells, called ,, underlies many of the side effects that may occur in patients taking statin drugs. Continue reading

The PECASE program was initiated by President Clinton in 1996, – honor extraordinary achievements of young professionals at the start of their independent research careers in science and technology. .

In June 2010, the Harper government Bill C-36, the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. If passed into law, the law would modernize the government approach to safety of consumer products and new measures, such as the ability to Health Canada to mandatory recalls of consumer products, an unreasonable risk to human health or safety and the mandatory reporting order incidents or deaths for all consumer products in Canada. The full text of of the rules can be found on the Health Canada Web site. Continue reading