By chemically destroyed myelin around nerve cells, the researchers found, that pregnant mice had twice as much new myelin 2 weeks after the injury as a virgin mice and that introducing prolactin mimicked the effects of pregnancy on myelin production and repair in mice that were not pregnant.. The study, Weiss Weiss, Christopher Gregg, Viktor Shikar, Peter Larsen, Gloria Mak, Andrew Chojnacki and Yong, compared pregnant and virgin female mice of the same age and found that pregnant mice twice as many myelin-producing cells, called oligodendrocytes, and continued to generate new pregnancy.

About the Faculty of Medicine, University of CalgaryThe UofC Faculty of Medicine is a national leader in medical research with an international reputation for excellence and innovation in health care research, education and delivery. Through its educational programs, is the Faculty of Medicine physicians and scientists who will lead the next generation of health practitioners. Through its clinical work, continuing medical education programs and close relationship with the Calgary Health Region, the Faculty of Medicine moves new treatments and improving diagnostic techniques from the laboratory bench to bedside efficiently and effectively, improve patient care.In these cases, the guideline do not highly recommended surveillance and operating. Howard said:.

‘Ultimately, every physician must be his patients and circumstances of and circumstances and determine ‘as can I best address this child. ‘.

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