, Damien Longson Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist for Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust and Guideline Development Group Chair said: ‘In the development of this guideline we consulted extensively with a variety of organizations, NHS trusts and foundations, evaluates , among other things all available evidence also thoroughly. Are to ensure the accuracy of the recommendations and I believe this policy will help to ‘raise the bar for safety in these services. – Gillian Weaver, Milk Bank Manager at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London, and GDG member said, ‘This new directive on the operation of donor breast milk banks welcomed greatly It provides a good, clear advice on the effective operation of these services silagra100rx.com here . Staff staff and also contains important information for current and future human milk donors and and how to store milk at home hygienically and what issues to to the attention of milk. Bank employees. ‘ GDG member Shel Banks coordinates the Blackpool breast milk depot the Wirral Mothers Milk Bank feeds and a former two-time dispenser donor itself She said, ‘When my second child was born in 2005 I new in contact with our opened local milk bank over to a donor. I just wanted to do my part to make sure that every child who needs breast milk can , even if, even if their mother is not able to produce it for them. I donated just over 10 months and by then, when my youngest child was born in 2007, I donated again for 12 months by the local repository that I had helped set in the meantime. I now coordinate milk donations from local mothers the depot. Donor milk can literally a lifesaver for infants and I hope that this policy will help make it more widely available to those who need it by soothing health experts that it is safe to use. This policy is a real step towards standardization services across the UK. ‘.

This new policy, a number of experts a number of experts will help the news that the news that experts operate milk banks with the highest standards and our recommendations will make sure consistent across the consistent across the UK. .

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