Rae and Daniel F. Director of the breast oncology at the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center are part of the Pharmacogenetics Research Network, confirm a multidisciplinary working group to carry out a prospective study whether genetic tests are used to identify patients likely to be a endocrine therapy responsive, including tamoxifen. This group is. By David A Flockhart, at Indiana University School of Medicine.

By the by the National Institutes of Health, the Commonwealth Cancer Research Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.For more information about breast cancer to cancer.edu go / learn / breast info.University of Michigan Health System 2901 Hubbard St. 2400 Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2435 USA med.edu / OPM / news page / reporter.Safe HarborThis news release contains forward-looking statements the purposes of in Section 27A of Securities Act and Section 21E of Securities Act. Which actual results may differ materially from those projected forward in such statements, involving a number to risks and uncertainties, including confidence in our network of independent Associates, that state regulatory our products, manufacturing and marketing risk and risks that associates with our international expansion of. To the contents of this release should be addressed together with the risk factor, warning and our latest contained in our recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

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