‘Remains true even more , both on the roads linking education to health and the overall effect sizes of education on health can be offering offering our study causal evidence for the hypothesis that early education can improve the income improve, the crime, and even improving the global competitiveness of the American workforce, ‘suggests Dr. Muennig. ‘These interventions may be more cost effective than many traditional medical and public health approaches to improving the health of the population.

The initial study was small, but it had a very strong effect on education. Until then it came, the benefits of education had never been proven with the gold standard in research methods-the randomized controlled trial. What we have found that this educational intervention also health risks like smoking and improved health outcomes decreased as early as age 21, ‘said Dr. Muennig, assistant professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia, the Mailman School and principal investigator of the new study. ‘the health benefits were quite dramatic. ‘.The ICAC researcher will also continue the Urban Environment and Childhood Asthma Study which Join five hundred inner-city children are born , starting in 2005, and follows will up to the age from 7 browse asthmatic asthma. The investigator be expected that the information will be collected in this trial, certain infectious, genetic or immunological factor, are uniquely positioned children represent a risk for asthmatic identified.

Investigators of these consortiums shows that reducing the exposure children to allergens frequently found in urban environments – including those who cockroach, rodents and second-hand smoke – reducing its exposure becoming ill asthma. Based noted on the achievements of these two schemes, NIAID first ICAC in 2002. – past ICAC studies revealed that asthma is, even in inner city public can well controlled to current asthma management guidelines, says Daniel Rotrosen, Director NIAID Division of Allergy, Immunology and transplant. Nevertheless, the necessity better understanding of the underlying reasons of inner-city asthma and to develop improved treatment options. , With its expert detectives and established clinical facilities uniquely positioned Washington goals.

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