August 11, 2009: Judge Fais granted the average person plaintiffs’ movement for a long lasting injunction on the foundation that the Condition lacked the authority to dissolve the trust. The courtroom continuing its denial of Legacy’s contract-based claim. 14 October, 2009: The case was argued prior to the Ohio Courtroom of Appeals of Franklin County Ohio, Tenth Appellate District.31 December, 2009: The Ohio Courtroom of Appeals of Franklin County, Tenth Appellate District, reverses a lesser court’s purchase permanently enjoining the Condition from dissolving the endowment of the Ohio Tobacco Avoidance Foundation ..‘Occasionally people tell me, ‘You know, becoming back, what’s the best day that you can remember?’ And honestly, every full day may be the best day to remember.’ There is, of course, no way to measure what everything means to Joe’s wife, Janet; son, Joey; or girl, Christina. When asked what it’s prefer to have her father sitting there, Christina stated, ‘It’s amazing. It’s amazing. You understand, he’s here every day. I’m so grateful and I’m so happy to be with him.’ Life is even sweeter, it appears, when you’ve fought death – – and won.

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