The rate of epilepsy in older patients is twice as high as people under age 65, many cases are caused by common conditions such as stroke, heart attack and Alzheimer’s disease. Treatment in this population the presence of multiple the presence of multiple health conditions and medications A recent national survey found that more than 90 % of people aged 65 or over. Living in hospitals or institutions – at least one medication per week are used, and more than 40 % used five or more different medications every week.

Effective seizure treatment for elderly patients with epilepsyContact: Jeanne Anton Krull 305-243-4853 American Epilepsy SocietyMIAMI, Florida and Boston – University of Miami researchers found that the antiepileptic drug Keppra controlled seizures and was well tolerated evaluated by more than 70 % of the elderly patients with epilepsy in a new study.‘.. Peter Donnelly, the lead author of of study is a advisors surgeon at the Torbay Hospital, follow-up Breast Cancer Studies Group the National Cancer Research Institute , this study in combination with Group initiate in the development the primary health care. He said: ‘Whilst these research looking of what happen in Great Britain, expressed their conclusion that a good follow-up is important, is much more complex than previously expected and needs careful planning and coordination between hospitals and community-based healthcare team be applicable in other countries.

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