‘For the first time in mice, we have a candidate gene for what drives an entire gene signature. This should allow a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of tumor progression in humans. Implanted. Normal BRD4 activity involved in important cellular processes such as cell proliferation, cell cycle and DNA replication defects in these processes in the context BRD4 activity in breast cancer in breast cancer in humans, it is known that the protein BRD4 interacts with physically and regulated. Called the activity of another important gene Sipa1 that tumor invasiveness reduced in mice.. Of cancer.dies to identify genes influencing the risk of metastasis in breast cancerResearchers have developed a pattern of gene activity in mice, which help to predict individual risk of breast cancer metastasis and survival in people identified.

The scientists knew that the multiple sclerosis treatment showed diaminopyridine promise for working inside nerve cells the effects of the effects of the diaminopyridine botulism toxin , however. Had diaminopyridine to disadvantages, including the ability to enter the brain, and toxic effects on brain tissue. You modified the molecular structure of the diaminopyridine, two new substances that did not enter the brain and showed a good potential as botulism treatments in mice the produce has been paralyzed by the toxin.A 1 percent strength and Mail profile HIV / AIDS Awareness Group to SomaliaToronto Globe and Mail on the Monday Textured that HIV / AIDS Awareness and Development Organization an Xuddur, Somali-based group, which last year set up to promote abstinence from and faithfulness and encouraging HIV Test. A lot of people to Somalia think that HIV / AIDS has does not be a problem kept at a country where isolation of causes by 14 years of war , HIV prevalence is about 1.5 percent and 2 percent, which is is among the lowest rates in Africa. However, epidemiologists warned in that a 1 percent prevalence a ‘impending Exploded view ‘, gives especially in a country when migration, conflict, female circumcision, and to increase lack of condoms and the training this risk of an HIV transmitting. The land also lacks a Department of Health and the media, school and civil society networks in order to enable HIV / AIDS prevention and formation.

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